Liars Courtroom

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I am troubled immensely
I can feel the state in the rain
Your words took flight without wings
In the air
They concealed what your eye can not see
Double your pleasure
Doesn’t do her justice
But only a single word could touch this
Do the scriptures tell a terrible lie?
Or do they explain whats behind her eyes
Slam the door
Turn out the lights
The truth is about to begin
Everyone please use your phony smiles
The truth of sin is in
Reveal whats in the sky
Forbid me to see whats in the dust
You will not reveal my only shovel
Colored and painted trust
Hard sand lies in a grave in the back of your mind
Keep digging! I keep yelling
It’s all a waste of time
The truth is reversed
Building a wall
With graffiti that spites my name
Too late!
I see through your lies
Causing my civil war of pain
I am sorry if I offended you
I have caught you in lies
The truth was all I asked from you
Do you relate?
The feeling of your world unite
To spite the fate of a scandalous life
Order in the court!
Be seated in your class of dreams
I’ve said it quietly
So now I’ll scream
The civil war is not new to you
Unseen indigo storms
Without proof
The candle rises with the warmth and your smile
Singing sweet lullabies
To dissipate the clouds
Knowing the indigo flags
From words that you disguise
The time I spent is uncontrollable bliss
That I see when we undress
When you are done
Roaring in the skies
You will receive this
And know exactly why
All good things they say never last
Love is never love until it’s passed




5 replies on “Liars Courtroom”

You have given me a new perspective. Letting go of an old belief and moving on into a new spiritual identity. Getting rid of outdated personal mythology and allowing new beliefs to be born out of pain. Thank you for reading my poems and you are giving me something to reflect on.

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